Upper Canada Playhouse Tour—David and Iris Waung, George and Cindy Butts. and Chris Powell and Lydia Scolli— July 7, 2024

Although the day started with low clouds, the mist soon burned off and we were greeted with fluffy clouds, blue skies, and bright sunshine. 32 Miatas left Ottawa in 3 groups for the 2024 edition of the Upper Canada Playhouse Tour. Wendy Cull was the inspiration behind this tour, with her enthusiasm in helping us get tickets, to her excellent recommendation to visit the Stonecrop Winery.

62 club members bought tickets for the Playhouse show. George and Cindy Butts led Groups 1 from Orleans, with John and Judy Lutes as sweep. Even though we test drove the route just 2 weeks prior, George was surprised by “pop-up” road construction that added 15 minutes to the drive to our lunch stop at Quinn’s Inn in St. Andrews West.

Groups 2, led by David & Iris Waung, with sweep Dennis & Christine Phillips, left from Ottawa South. Very soon after the beginning of the first leg of the tour, my CB radio stopped working. While I can hear every one loud and clear, my transmissions were garbled and unintelligible. Luckily Dennis stepped in, without missing a beat, and led the rest of the tour from the rear. Many thanks Dennis for saving the day!

Group 3 led by Chris Powell and Lydia Scolli, with Ron Buck as sweep, also left from Ottawa South. They also ran into difficulties when Chris’s Garmin GPS started acting up. This time Ron Buck stepped up to the plate and led from the rear without missing a beat. Well done Chris and Ron! It is so nice to work with a competent team that can react quickly to unforeseen challenges.

These small glitches did not take away from the enjoyable drive though beautiful country roads. The brunch at Quinn’s Inn was sumptuous and delicious. After our meal we had a relaxing drive along Long Sault Parkway to Upper Canada Play house in Morrisburg.

The comedy “Bed Room” was hilarious. It tells happenings in a number of bedrooms that turn out to be interrelated. The funny, and at times risqué, dialogue made a few of us blush! But the belly laughs they generated aided in our digestion.

After the show we went to Stonecrop Acres for wine tasting and pizza. It was the first time UMN visited this establishment and it was a very pleasant surprise. Since I am not a wine connoisseur, I cannot comment on the quality of their wines. However, I do know about pizzas, and their pizzas were delicious! As Schwarzenegger said: “We will be back!”

Many thanks to my co-conspirators Wendy/Dave, George/Cindy, Chris/Lydia, Ron Buck, Dennis/Christine, John/Judy and Iris for helping deliver this tour.

Finally, thanks to all the participants for cheering us on and “rolling with the punches” and not complaining about the little glitches that we encountered.

David Waung