Spencerville ICR—Ron Buck and Tony and Holly Pickett—July 4, 2024

Spencerville ICR—Ron Buck and Tony and Holly Pickett—July 4, 2024

The plan, as normal, was for a Wed 3 July ICR.

The weather gods played loose and fast requiring a decision to defer to Thurs 4 July which turned out to be the right decision as late afternoon of the 3rd the skies opened and rain was moderate from late afternoon onwards.

4 July offered clear skies but hot and somewhat humid. Although some participants noted localized rain elsewhere the meeting point, enroute and return route were blessed with perfect ICR weather.

Although this was an ICR, it could also be described as a CBR (Cinnamon Bun Run) as CBs are a specialty of the Village Pantry.

The route, while not overly demanding, is very enjoyable and was commented on as such by many participants.

There was an excellent turnout of 21 cars and 36 participants in two convoys.

My great thanks to all who participated but particularly to Tony and Holly Pickett who led Group1 and Sweeps Chris Powell (Group 1) and Lynne/Dave Pearen (Group 2) who did an outstanding job.

The wee fly in the event was that despite pre orders of 40 cinnamon buns by all participants it seems the gannets of Group 1 overdid it leaving but scraps but no buns for Group 2! Shame!

The Village Pantry is great to work with, has excellent ice cream and outstanding cinnamon buns and is happy to staff to support a deluge of numbers of our size. The route is also enjoyable and thus I highly recommend that it remain as high on our ICR list.

It was my great pleasure to have led Group 1 of this ICR.

Ron Buck