UMN Club Activities

Members of the Underground Miata Network enjoy a wide variety of activities during the Miata season.  Some of these are described below.

Driving Tours
Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec are crisscrossed with great Miata roads and interesting destinations. Our day tours will bring you all across the region, on “leisurely” or “spirited” drives, to visit hidden gems rich in culture and history. Overnight tours will explore in the Eastern Townships, the Muskoka, New York, Vermont and other great touring destinations. Check the Calendar for scheduled tours.

Ice Cream Runs (ICR)
What can be better than driving on country roads on a summer evening? Ice Cream of course. Every Wednesday night during the Miata season, UMN will organize a scenic drive to a quaint town where we can indulge in special treats at a gourmet ice cream parlor. Ice Cream Runs depart from various locations around Ottawa at 6:30 pm. Check the Calendar for details.

Tech-Night and BBQ
Want to work on your car but don't have a hoist? On the third Tuesday of the month, we rent a garage with 6 hoists so you can change oil, rotate tires or undertake more adventurous projects. We also put on the best BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs during Tech Nights. In fact more members come for the BBQ than the garage!

Driving School
With perfect weight balance and rear wheel drive, the Miata MX-5 is renown for its nimble handling and road hugging traction. The annual Driving School encourages drivers, especially new Miata owners, to explore the limits of Miata handling. Under the guidance of expert instructors, participants hone driving skills on a slalom track, take tight turns on a skid pad, and improve reaction time for emergency braking.

Special Events
Aside from the regular weekly, monthly and annual events, from time to time UMN also organizes special events. These include Scavenger Hunts, Poker Runs, Funkhanas (parking lot games for sports cars), and many other fun events.

Monthly Meetings
UMN’s Monthly meetings are usually held in a local restaurant on the evening of the second Tuesday of each month. Aside from updates on upcoming events, invited speakers are at times scheduled to present on topics of interest to Miata owners. While these events are called “meetings”, they are really social gatherings where members can spend a pleasant evening among friends. Check the Calendar for the agenda of upcoming Monthly Meetings. Visitors are welcome to attend Monthly Meetings.