St.-Cécile-de-Masham ICR—Roger & Céline Massie and Joe and José Da Ponté—27 June 2024

St.-Cécile-de-Masham ICR—Roger & Céline Massie and Joe and José Da Ponté—27 June 2024

It was a great outing with 16 cars split into two groups. The weather was great, cloudy with sun, and even a bit of a sprinkle mixed in for good measure.

Group two departed first with brand new leads, Joe and José Da Ponté, who volunteered, and were then baptized by fire as they had never led a tour ever. With a bit of coaching and armed with only the pdf turn by turn sheets, Joe and José led the group with the assistance of veteran sweep Aydin Suatac to La Patate a Carlo and then back to Hwy 50 without a hitch. GREAT job folks.

Roger & Céline Massie lead group one, with thanks to Bruce Fortier for sweeping. Within one minute of departure, on the Champlain bridge, was a call over the radio “I HAVE TO STOP!” It was Evelyn Lazare battling with her antenna which had fell off and was dragging behind her car. Evelyn managed to retrieve the dragging antenna by pulling on the wire and hauling it back into the car, while at the same time whacking herself in the neck. She survived and we kept going. Great job recovering from this Evelyn. You made it—the antenna, not so much. Merv Embury examined the antenna at la Patate a Carlo. The antenna was pronounced dead, and a short memorial service was held. Evelyn is looking for a replacement K30, if anyone has one for her?

We were met at La Patate a Carlo by our President Mike and his lovely wife Terri, Happy to report that Mike was in good spirits. (And Terri too). Everyone enjoyed the food from the chip wagon and the ice cream for dessert.

The return leg took us from St.-Cecile-de-Masham through the village of Wakefield along the Gatineau River, then onto Edelweiss Road, on Rte. 366 to Rte. 307 and onto Cantley, then along some twisties across upper Gatineau eastwards to Boul. Lorain, to end at Hwy 50 near the Gatineau Airport. From Hwy 50 participants made their way east and west back home.

Thanks to all for the kind words, it was a pleasure for Céline and I to host this ICR and hope to see all of you again soon.

Roger Massie