Ice Cream Run to Carp Creamery – Aydin Suatac – 19 June 2024

Ice Cream Run to Carp Creamery – Aydin Suatac – 19 June 2024

I learned there is a timer on my camera which allowed us to take group shots. Thank you José!

By the way Joe, who was on the Mazda Dealers tour earlier went to pick up José in Chelsea and then drove to Kanata for the ICR! Wow.

I don’t know if that was the smallest ICR in UMN history but we were 5 cars heading out to Carp and it was a great run. A little windy at the beginning (Elizabeth kept losing her hat!) but after the ice cream at The Carp Creamery (excellent as always!) the weather settled down and the second leg through Constance Bay was quite enjoyable. Nice roads with some twisties and up-and-downies.

Above is a shot of our intrepid band enjoying the ice cream. I asked a young lady to take this picture of us and she took 30 shots (I counted) in the space of 3 seconds! Another thing I didn’t know my phone did.

I picked this one because Felix (Chris’s son) was finally smiling. And ya, I’m not quite sure what Chris was doing.

All in all a great run. Wayne (who used to live in Constance Bay) said there was a Carp Creamery Ice Cream Trunk in Constance Bay! We didn’t see it but if it exists that’s a nice run on it’s own.

Thanks to all and see you on the next one.